Powwownow has a long and rich history of providing consistent and reliable conference call services to the UK, France and Germany—but the business landscape has changed since the early challenger days of the company…


How do we continue to provide outstanding customer experiences to a demanding market without neglecting a loyal and lucrative customer base?


Design and build 'Web Meetings' a new cloud-based, feature-rich SaaS product that takes conference calls beyond the telephony infrastructure and on-screen and on any device.

We asked our existing customers what they wanted from their meetings. How they could be better served to meet their productivity needs, and how their experiences could be made frictionless and what they needed to get out their digital products to be more collaborative, efficient and flexible at work.

The data collected from interviews, questionnaires and stakeholders taught us we needed to design a product that users could hold meetings with meaning, that could be guided by an agenda, that could show rather than just tell with presentations or screen share and that had some useful report or take-away the participants could start off with when returning to work.

Here's what we built…


  • User Research
  • User Journey / Mapping
  • User Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • HTML + CSS + JS

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